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How to Download YOUTUBE

YouTube is one of the largest provider of video services at this time. Video shown on the generally only to see through the browser, not to download and view the offfline. The form is a flash video (Flv). What if we want to save a video that appears to be viewed offline?

Because most visitors only watch online. This clearly is not very effective, because every time you want to play back must connect to YouTube and this is very expensive for most people with the high cost Internet connection.
Currently many tools to download video from services such as YouTube, the start of the browser plugins, software, to special web for download from the youtube. But the various software or plugins is not always successful, perhaps because of a change the own streaming video system.

following a simple way to download the video direct from cache memory.

1. Open folder option menu in windows explorer, then choose show hidden files and folder, uncheck hide protected operating system files.

2. After unning the video to finish, now that you need to know is the location of cache, Cache files are usually located in

C:\Documents and Settings\(user name account)\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\8h42gc08.default\Cache

Then try looking in the folder that has a file size of a large (usually more than 1Mb), if you find, edit the file name by pressing F2, and add .Flv. Example: the name of the file cache is 087F9B89d01, so that I can play, I rename become 087F9B89d01.flv

Copy the file into other place that are not deleted, then play using flv player, such us Klite Codec, etc

Enjoy it...